05/04/2010 18:30

Iftar 2010 Planning Meeting

Volunteer and Take Leadership: Organize "Iftar in the Synagogue" 2010

Since 2005, JMCBI has been bringing together Jews and Muslims every year to celebrate the Muslim holiday of Ramadan and the coinciding Jewish holidays (see video!). The 2010 Iftar celebration will be visioned, planned and organized by a committee of volunteers, and we hope YOU will be a part of it. This is an opportunity to:

  • Take on a leadership role for an important cause
  • Be creative, help vision, and implement a powerful community event
  • Bond with diverse and exciting committee members, and work with community leaders

If you join us for this adventure you not only will be proud of what you have created, but will develop valuable friendships across religious, racial and ethnic lines.

(Read a news article about a beautiful friendship that came out of a similar JMCBI planning committee.)

When: Tuesday, May 4, 6:30-8:00 pm
Where: JCUA office, 610 S. Michigan Ave, 5th floor (map it)
RSVP: If you are interested in being part of the 2010 "Iftar" planning committee, or want to learn more, contact Asaf Bar-Tura: jmcbi@jcua.org